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“When we do things for goods and do it as great as we can, at the end it will get as to happiness”

Hogir Alsilevanai

Journalist and civil society activist

Frequently asked question

Where do you live?

I reside in the city of Stockholm in the
country of Sweden.

Are you got engaged?

No,because i’m now far from my homeland kurdistan,alone and living away from my family, i’m studying and soon after my graduation i will be busy working,and till now i haven’t got an opportunity to get into this important life process, i hope in i get i chance in a good time in future.

From what vellage of Silevanaian?

I’m Dohuk. Our village in Dohuk. My grandparents have been born in Duhok since ancient times and I come from an old Duhok family that has several people in Duhok who are famous and unknown in my family (Hajji Arab, As Kevil, Rejab ebo shaebo, Nechirvan Ahmad the former governor of Dihoke.

Why you are not talkative?

It’s true,my nature is not talkative but i’m a good listener! so so many problems and stories will ring my ears, that’s why i listen more and talk less. when people talk less they will sense that so many people needs to be listened to and this will get me too many goods because listings to them will getting me to know so many thinks about them,so, many gates will be opened upon my future and my life.

Pirsyara Te?

    How Do I Help you?

    As i’m a journalist and civil society activist.

    I can listen your problem and You and I will see a solution to a problem، Give your chance a solution to your problem.
    Learn how to get the right message through the Media.

    Personal information