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A monthly magazine in kurdish and a piece little language arabic. it’s been printed at 2010 in duhok city.
Vaya for two years it consecutive he has been unaffected by his intellectual work in public art culture .a group of young and talented people in the duhok city , were working as a staff member magazine.
Vaya is friend of the readers because he is the first magazine on the part of an independent idea and in a different way in the content.

Because I was a privilege owner and author, at the time I am working in another two places ,the first one reporter in the Badinan-sat and the second one the teacher of founded art lesson in the city of Akre, i some Owner of privileges and author , i open the door for young so ability owner persons to do Vaya work, Vaya work like author , so it is sorry volunteer young Vaya doesn’t ample work,so i see in the first to stop Vaya better than to continuou it mean i see There is no Vaya better than has Existing behind
was a first magazine to make new questions

Vaya is (12) numbers from each number (00) and number (11) is coped .more than (150,000) data was sold

I am very happy with that young strength and determination with which we were able in the past period to serve in (vaye) and in a short period, especially in the Badian dialect and in general in the Kurdish language
Hogir Mohammed Alsilevanai
Owner of privileges and author
The one active person was advicer of Vaya , his important to success and cognize of inside Vaya was important point.
Sebah Atroshe
Advisor to the Journal
Usually subjects by doctorate aegis does adjustable , special by kurdish language.
Dr. Zozan Sadiq
Language correction